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We Focus On

Highly enhanced Business Intelligence Reporting solutions and Business Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Fast Impact

Running fastly, you can discover answers and have insight from your data.

Big Innovation

We focus on discovering every corners of business analytics and business intelligence to make it easy for anyone to explore business insights.

Customer Success

Driving decisions need focus, agility and confidence in customers. It’s form people who take action and get result. We focus customer success and commintment.

Machine Learning Products

Customer Segmentation

Integrate data and use it for segmentation, personalization.

Product Recommendation

Deliver personalised product recommendations to all your customers.

Campaign Management

Create campaign intelligently personalised recommendations to all your customers.

Business Intelligence Product

All-in-One Web Solution
for Business Intelligence & Advanced Reporting

Visual analytics at your hands
Interact instantly with your data using visual data discovery solution. Spot turn and discover how your business is performing. Compare the last monts or same period just with a click. Make filters, segments and automatic trend rules.

  • Dynamic Dashboards & Reports
  • Drag-and-Drop Data Visualizations for Custom Dashboards & Reports
  • Drill Down – Drill Through, Grouping, Filtering, Aggregating and Sorting
  • Advanced Formulas & Calculating Fields
  • Charts, Bullet Charts, Scatter Charts and Much More
  • Advanced Portfolio with Case Studies


Retail / Ecommerce

Keeping customers energized, engaged & loyal.


It’s integral to run your insurance company in the most efficient and reliable way, balancing out short-term risks and long-term rewards. Offering the right product, having the right people selling the product, and managing all risks associated with selling insurance policies all contribute to the success of a business.


Targeting and incentivizing visitor segments to encourage applications for loans, insurance, mortgage, bank accounts and more.


Industry 4.0 and IoT deliver the machine and product performance that manufacturers need to improve operations.

Environment & Energy

Maximize assets, optimize supply chain and reduce costs. Improve supply-and-demand forecasts. Track leading indicators to adjust your operations to changing market conditions. Control costs while maintaining health, safety and environmental standards.

Transport & Logistics

For a guest, passenger or cargo, data helps to balance demand with supply to optimize revenue and profitability of its inventory and capacity.

Travel and Tourism

Simplifying the travellers’ path to purchase.

Marketing & Sales

Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value.

Drive decisions, change the way

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